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Default Re: Tomlin's stock dropping

Originally Posted by kwpit79 View Post
Get rid of Tomlin talk is already starting, huh? smfh. I'll just say this, I'm glad none of you here run the Steelers. I'm assuming you're the same people who wanted to get rid of Cowher after the '98-00 seasons as well because those teams were MUCH worse than our current squad.

While we're at it, the Pats should fire Belichick for not winning a Super Bowl in 7 years with arguably the greatest qb ever, and why not fire the Packers' McCarthy since they are also 2-3 this year. And we should replace Tomlin with Arians since Arians is undefeated as a head coach. ;)

I'd argue Tomlin is a top five head coach. Every single coach you look at is going to have flaws on his resume. Tomlin's winning percentage as a head coach speaks for itself. Hint: It's better than the following: Bill Walsh, Bill Belicheat, Tom Landry, Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, Sean Payton, and is currently tied with Paul Brown.

Every team goes through rebuilding years, I'm afraid we're probably at that point. This is what happens when you draft 22-32 seemingly every year. The difference between a typical rebuilding year for the the Steelers' and a lot of other teams is we go 8-8 or 9-7, not 4-12.

Edit: Oh, and another thing regarding the fact Tomlin inherited a good team. So what? He took that good team to two Super Bowls, and was two terrible turnovers away from winning both. Name me one good coach (ONE!) who didn't have good players surrounding him.
Good points.... Tomlin is good and will be here for years... I do think we are entering a rebuilding year and maybe be there for 2-3 years at that.... It happens to all teams and we are due. Plus, you are correct in that we have drafted so late for so many years, and the Steelers don't go after free agents, so we have to rely on the draft to build our team... The problem is we are used to winning... That's what makes this hard... If the Brownies had the same record we have right now and the same players, they'd be ecstatic......
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