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Default Re: Tomlin's stock dropping

Originally Posted by SuzyPeppercorn View Post
Does anybody think the 54 yd fg was a good decision? Making or missing that field goal pretty much seals the game either way. Seeing Suisham make the previous 52 yd fg by a few extra yards definitely made me think it was a reasonable decision. On the road in a close game, play for the win. Don't play for overtime.

My only question would be the 3rd and 7 play before the 54 yard attempt. If the Tomlin knew they would kick that field goal, why not run the ball to waste time/a timeout and get a few yards closer for the fg attempt?
GREAT question. i hope a local reporter asks tomlin that in his tuesday presser, although im sure tomlin would refuse to answer, saying they are looking towards cinci.

i dont think the 54 yarder was a bad decision, although i woulda punted. i probably wouldnt have let suisham try the 52 yarder either, so.....

(also on the 3rd and 7, i thought ben had room to run for a few yards, if not the first down).
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