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Default Re: Whoa people, don't panic yet!

these types of seasons are inevitable and necessary in order to reload for the next "run". While some are happy just sneaking into the playoffs or being slightly above average, the true knowledgeable fan knows that when your team isn't truly challenging for a SB title, it's better to play your young players to find out what you've got rather than play veterans who aren't showing much and won't be here next year. Tomlin gets a big F in this regard. Wouldn't it be nice if we knew McLendon, Silvester, Mundy, Lewis, Adams, etc can actually play before we head into free agency and the draft? But the illusion of being competitive will prevent this until there is just not enough eval games left. This season is over. We will NOT make the playoffs. Please at least give us the pleasure of watching hungry young players trying to make their names. Who knows, maybe we find out we have a starter and don't need to use a pick on that position.
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