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Default Re: Whoa people, don't panic yet!

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
the steelerfans supposedly have the most knowledgable fanbase as well which is suprising seeing that half the active posters on this board have already mailed it in and given up due to a 2-3 start.

john stallworth reminds us that the GREAT 1976 steelers team started 1-4 and still rebounded (only to lose to the raiders in the SB). that team didnt win the SB the following year as well. fans on this board woulda been calling for chuck nolls head.

luckilly the rooneys arent as knee jerk as their fans.
The 76 Steelers did not lose to the raiders in the SB, but in the playoffs (both AFC teams).

Good point about the 2-3 start, though. Only 3 AFC teams have fewer than 3 losses, and that could be down to two (Texans, Ravens) if the Broncos win tonight. So it's not too late IF the Steelers can start playing better.
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