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Default Re: Whoa people, don't panic yet!

I posted this in another thread but it applies here aswell

"A lot of these threads are the same. We are 2-3 and we are done, seasons over, we stink and on and on and on. Yes it does look somewhat bleak. But I beleive we will over come and finish 10-6. Look at the past, 1995 we were what 4-4-1 after 9 games, we went to the super bowl and if not for Neil O'Donell we would have won that game. 2005 we barely snuck into the playoffs and won the superbowl. Our losses have come down to 3 or so plays in the losses that could 've have been wins, dropped pics, blocked punts, dropped passes etc. To those who think we stink because we didn't blowout the Raiders, then Atlanta at 6-0 must stink because they barely won, this season is very topsy turvey, look at yesterdays games, Giants blow out of the Niners, Packers
blowout of the Texans, Suckhawks beating the Cheats, Browns beating the Bungles etc
Everyone needs to relax the season is far from over after 5 games.
Saying you are a real fan because you think you are a realist and suggest this is the worst team in football DOESN"T make you a real fan, it actually makes you a fairweather fan.
I am sure there was lots of action since Thursday night in emergency rooms all over the country with so called Steeler fans breaking ankles jumping off the bandwagon."
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