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Default Re: Way to go Dallas

Originally Posted by SteelCurtain5643 View Post
I dont wanna sound sick by saying im happy that the Ravens suffered so many key injuries today, because its not right to be happy when someone gets hurt(unless its terrell suggs lol), but those injuries are HUGE. This is something the Steelers need to capitalize on, Ratbirds may be 5-1 but losing their best CB and LB in one day is incredibly huge. I despise the Ravens in every way shape or form so i can't help but be a little happy when they suffer injuries. Couldnt happen to a better bunch of thugs LOL.
Says a fan of the team that has the first player to ever be suspended for repeated helmet to helmet head hunting on their team.....

This is obviously a huge blow to the Ravens. Our only hope at this point is for Suggs to come back and fill in some of the holes. But with a terrible run defense, now a shakey CB situation and little to no pressure on the QB, it will fall on the offense to simply out score the other team. Not ideal for sure. Thanfully the rest of the AFC north has been struggling, but I don't forsee that lasting.

Interesting to see how this plays out in the next couple weeks.....
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