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Default Re: Marcua Gilbert - The Terminator

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
When you speak of "magic" then by "magic", does it have to be at every drive and everytime we get the ball to close the game? We are simply asking TOO MUCH of Roethlisberger in these types of scenario's stacking ontop of each other.

Dating back to last season in the Denver WC fiasco, Ben has shown his magic, giving the defense the lead when needed. He did it last week & has done it in every loss this season. The defensive breakdowns and allowing 80+ yard drives is killing the "magic" expectation.

Ben has been magic when it counts, he's just been asked to do it AGAIN and AGAIN. The defense NEEDS to hold somebody, PERIOD.
I heard an analyst talking about how the Steelers players have become dependent on BB to win the game at the end. There is a lack of fire and no sense of urgency, because the team trulty thinks that BB WILL bring them back... no matter what.

If the rest of the team had as much fire as BB, then he wouldn't even have to bring them back.

At some point, as you said, the well will dry up. Or, better yet, there are those moments when BB does indeed bring them back... only to see the opposition score with 30 second left.
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