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Default Re: Ike Taylor Sucks Pt2

im going to ignore the internet messageboard joystick jockeys and panicing couch coordinators and pass on bill cowhers thoughts (as relayed by pat kirwan)-

there is noone currently on the depth chart who is better than ike. he will remain the starter along with keenan. the season is still young and the afc north is up for grabs but the steelers need to make defensive adjustments. instead of running the "fire zone- cover 1 or cover 3" (which ike has been more than capable of in the past) they need to switch to more "fire zone- cover 2" which essentially giving him safety help as opposed to having him trail the other teams best wr. of course this is more difficult with troy hurt and mundy shitting the bed.

i'll leave it at that and see if any of the playstation savants have any better ideas, cause to this point the majority have missed the mark by a mile with their knee jerk rants void of any plausible solution.
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