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Default Re: Ike Taylor Sucks Pt2

Originally Posted by teegre View Post

On a realistic note, I'd like to see Cortez Allen on the field more. He played some at SS... and he has done well as the NB.

Q: Could he eventually suplant Lewis?
Q: Right now, could he suplant Ryan Mundy/Will Allen as the starting SS?
Q1- anything is possible down the line, but according to this thread it is ike taylor that needs replaced, not lewis. either way, it took both ike and lewis several years to learn the defense and begin starting (hell it took polamalu an entire year) so expect it to take just as long for allen.

Q2- right now? absolutely not. mundy cant replace troy, will allen still hasnt proven capable or replacing mundy and allen certainly cant replace all three. what you are suggesting, even on a temporary basis, would pretty much be a completely different package, altogether. (think of some variation of nickel, dime, or penny.

it is very important for steelerfans to understand that todays players arent interchangable parts and they are trained to be very task specific. hardly anybody knows every position. marshall faulk is a HOFer because he knew every position on offense.

troy and clark are so dynamic together because each knows the others roles in ANY defensive scheme lebeau calls.

it is rare. on offense, we are just now getting to where all three wr's know all three positions.

there was a play last week or the week before where e. sanders was the lone WR in 13 personnel. (1rb/3te).

at this point, allen is the nickel (almost a starting position in and of itself) and learning primary back up roles of ike and lewis.
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