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Default Re: Mendenhall critical of Pittsburgh fans in Tennessee

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
As usual Mendehal figures out how to put together a well thought out sentence without using pictures. Impressive Rashard! Your going to go the same path Santonio went, hopefully sooner.

When fans travel like the Steelers do, and that doesn't mean they live around the corner from the home teams stadium in another State, these people spend thousands going to games. The FANS SHOW UP EVERY SINGLE GAME. Does Mendenhal? Does Ike Taylor? Seems to me that Brown took the night off? Wallace Im still trying to figure out what he is doing on bubble screens.

Perhaps the FANS want to see ACCOUNTABILITY? DEDICATION? 110% everyplay?

I see Ben and Harrison giving it all. I think FOOTE has given his all, TImmons, Clark, Keisel(although decling) I thought he had a good game. The rest are either blending it in, or coasting through a game leaning on others.
It is sickening how Tomlin can allow, yes "allow" the great Ike Taylor to single handedly kill this defense.. He doesnt try, he doesnt run hard, and certainly can not compete with 3rd and 4th string WR's, as they all beat him into to the ground.
I definitely would not say that Ike doesn't "try." Yes he has his struggles and no, he didn't play well on Thursday but that is not due to lack of effort. If anything, he appears to be one of the more passionate and vocal players on the team. He is always in the opponents faces talking shit, pushing and jawing, not behavior that is synonymous with lack of effort. Question his play sure, but don't attribute to lack of effort or caring on his part. That is just dead wrong.
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