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Default Re: Steelers/Bengals Predictions - $25 dollar Prize - 10/21/12

Originally Posted by steelax04 View Post
So my question still stands... are return yards included in Steelers Total Yards? Only "total" I've found on is a Total Net Yards. If that's the case, make the math a little more easy on yourself and make it Steelers Total Net Passing Yards + Andy Dalton's Passing Yards. Or maybe I'm just not getting it...

oh well...

Steelers 21 - Bengals 17
I see what you're saying, subtracting the rushing yards is unnecessary, and yes, Total net yards is the number we're using.

I set the contest up with the intentions of making it simple (some forums have as many as 12 mathematical properties in contests) and ended up adding a variable that makes absolutely no sense.

All is well, though, as it won't negatively effect the final number.
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