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Default Re: What we've learned...

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
In the next five weeks, we have: Cincy, Washington, Giants, Chiefs and Ravens.

I think we can handle Cincy and K.C.(even with the injuries).

But as for the rest, if we don't step it up and throw some serious "try" into those games, we're easily looking at being 4-6 and at that point there'd be nothing left to play for except draft picks.

I'll even allow for Washington to be more show than go (despite RG3), but even if that's true, we're still looking at 5-5 unless we get our shit together and start playing like we mean it.
If our defense doesn't change, and we run Hampton, Keisel, Ike, etc out there with the same soft coverage and "contain" DL play, Dalton will eat this team up. I don't even want to think what Eli and the Giants will do.

RGIII and the Skins is our best chance at a win in the next three games, but don't be surprised if we are 2-6 at the break.
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