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Default Re: presidential debate

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
haha! Killer hearts Lohan!

You must be in sling after that reach... sorry you had to go there.
The media is going with Killer - apparently Lohan is the symbol of the clueless voters upon whom the election hinges

The Lohan Effect: Will Romney Get a Boost from Low-Information Voters?

As his standing in the polls improves, Mitt Romney is piling up public endorsements from a new cohort of voters: the celebrity-train-wreck set.

The latest celebrity to climb aboard the Romney bandwagon is actress and Page Six piņata Lindsay Lohan. ”I just think employment is really important right now,” Lohan said. “So, as of now, Mitt Romney.” She joins Clueless actress Stacey Dash, wrestler Hulk Hogan and adult-film star Jenna Jameson on the Celebs for Romney booster squad

But the celebrity migration to the Romney camp, as Walter Hickey of Business Insider noted, may be a symptom of a potentially serious problem for Barack Obama: an indication that so-called low-information voters, many of whom supported Obama in 2008, will abandon the President’s re-election bid. The conviction that undecided voters will break late against the incumbent has always been a pillar of the Romney campaign’s strategy....

Ezra Klein wrote recently about a Saturday Night Live bit that lampooned undecided voters. “We’re not impressed by political spin and 30-second sound bites,” says one of the skit’s actors. “Before you get our vote, you’re going to have to answer some questions. Questions like, ‘When is the election?’ ‘How soon do we have to decide?’ ‘What are the names of the two people running?’ ”

Sort of like the employee who has not watched a game all year winning the NCAA tournament pool by picking winners because of the team's mascot or uniform colors
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