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Default Re: strength & conditioning coaches - should they be looked at?

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
The offensive line injuries? That is MARCUS GILBERT-- in his two seasons, he has:

1) Rolled up on Pouncey's bad ankle twice.
2) Rolled up on DeCastro's ankle and putting him on IR.

In short, I would be objectionable if I had to work on the right side of our Oline. Unless they gave me some sort of "Gilbert Ankle Insurance".

The RT has defintely taken a few steps back since last year. I just rewatched some tape from Oakland and this last Thursday-- Gilbert has been nothing short of TERRIBLE this year.
Wasn't it Gilbert that rolled on Johnson too?

i've wondered about the trainers myself, but the majority of the injuries the Steelers have dealt with so far this year don't have anything to do with conditioning. (See above)
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