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Default Troy P. sickens me

I have been a huge fan of his since we drafted him. His play up to a couple of years ago was Hall of Fame worthy. I respected him both on and off the field. To hear him say he wouldn't cut his hair to win another SB is to me...maybe the dumbest, most selfish thing I think I have ever heard come out of a Steelers mouth. Are you friggin kidding me? I know this is hypothetical and all but his answer sucks. Basically he is saying feck off to the fans, his teammates, coaches and everyone else associated with the Steelers. So Troy, you can sport a shaved head, a small price to pay, for a decade, but you get a third ring, solidify your HOF career, bring another to the burgh, a ring for those players and coaches on your team that weren't with us last time, and you won't. Seems like he is more focused on cashing in on his hair commercials than he is on winning. He is officially all done. Ask Ray Lewis, Tom Brady, Peyton and pretty much any NFL player and heck yeah they would cut their hair. Un Freakin believable. His attitude is a microcosm of his and his team's performance over the last couple of years.

Flame away

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