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Default Re: Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial: One Play

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
Two sides to that coin. If we can't make those plays against Tennessee and Oakland, maybe we're just not that good. I'm sure Cleveland could play this game, too.

Good teams make those plays.
The point is still the same: this season is far from over for PITT.

BALT is 5-1, but could very easily be 2-4... if a FG is made (DAL), if a TD isn't taken away (KC), and if a FG is not given to them (NE).

The difference between the "top seed" & "where the Steelers currently reside" is a slim margin.

The Ravens are also now having to deal with injuries... something that the Steelers have already been dealing with. The Ravens WILL drop 4-5 more games, specifically, the two head-to-head games against the Steelers. And, the Steelers are going to get healthier.

The Taperiots are 3-3... as is every team in their division. The Chargers & Broncos are both 3-3. And, while the Texans have looked really good, they just lost Brian Cushing.

And, the only undefeated team (the Falcons) got pummeled by the Raidahs... barely eking out a win. OAK dominated every facet if that game, except for the score. In other words, the league is rife with parody; anybody can beat anyone on any given Sunday. Here is an even better example of this parody:

The Cards beat the Taperiots, who beat the Bills, who beat the Cards. (Make sense?)
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