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Default Re: presidential debate

obama nailed mitts ass to the wall on his assault weapons ban flip flop.

the only conclusive thing thing i came away with is that he thinks "fast and furious" is a bad idea. well DUH!

he skirts the issue more than thigh high dresses.

my favorite is how he is going to tell china to "play by the rules" and his stern words will prevent business from sending jobs overseas.

why didnt obama or anyone else think about uttering those 4 words? romey also shook a stick at the counterfiet apple IPhone store in china. absolutely no idea what he is going to do to shut it down, but atleast he noted it.

in summation his "passion is the private" parts of america. he'll "get your incomes up".

while obama atleast attempted to address the issues, romey pretty much had nothing but defelection.

bottom line is obamas campaign realized he cant take naps at the podium and still expect it to be a sweep.
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