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Default Re: Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial: One Play

No one is saying that nothing needs to change. Those slight losses NEED to become slight wins… and that can only occur via some sort of change. The argument appears to be “how much” needs to change.

Sure, it would be great to have the 2008 defense, but it is not going to happen. And, hoping for blow-outs is not likely, either. This defense is who it is (although, adding Woodley & Polamalu will make some difference).

Some of us are saying that the season is not lost, because those slight losses can indeed become wins with one (or two) significant play(s) per game. On defense, one extra stop, or better yet, a turnover. On offense, a completion on third down, in order to run out the clock (and/or get into better field goal range)… or, a WR not dropping a TD.

Troy & Woodley should make that “slight” difference. As should Wallace (et al)… and BB. [More on this, below.]

[NOTE: I’m not just talking to you, steelfury; I’m talking to the general masses, who have given up on the season. Ergo, the following is not a “direct” response to you, although you post sparked the following.]

Wait a second. Y’all cannot have it both ways.

The nay-sayers are claiming that even if the Steelers had won those two games (OAK & TENN), that the Steelers did not win in desirable fashion. I thought that a win was a win…???

The Taperiots are only 3-3… how come some of you can claim that their three losses are not significant? They have the same number of losses as the Steelera. A win is a win… and a loss is a loss… right?

The Falcons got clobbered by the Raidahs… yet, because the Falcons eked out a win, some of you want to ignore the fact that Falcons “should” have routed the Raidahs. Shouldn’t the league’s only undefeated team have trounced the Raidahs??? So, the question really is: why do the Falcons get a pass (for having trouble with the Raidahs), but not the Steelers?

The truth is:
On any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team.

The Taperiots should still be feared, despite their 3 losses. The Steelers have been injured, and still have the same number of losses as the Taperiots, Broncos, Chargers, Dolphins… et cetera. And, most importantly, the Ravens have eked out games while playing pretty darn bad (they gave up back-to-back 200 yard rushing days), and now, they are now injured; so, they are only going to get worse.


Wallace, AB, and Cotchery have each dropped, fumbled, or tripped away a TD. In games decided by 3 points, those “extra” 4 points would have been huge.

I also put the onus (not the “blame”… the “onus”) on BB to win these games. His defense is not giving him the stops that he needs; so, he needs to put the team on his shoulders, and make those third down completions (in both the OAK & the TENN game, he had a chance to end the game with a completed third-down pass). I am not saying that it is “fair” to put the onus on him… but, he IS the team right now.
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