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Default Re: Steelers Fever Exclusive Editorial: One Play

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
Teegre, - there is a feeling that a fan gets when their team is stacking wins, and especially in close ones against supposedly superior teams or teams on the same level as your hometown team. When you have a team that is piling wins in the face of adversity and consistently pulling them out in the 4th quarter - you have a battle tested team that no one wants to face

I don't think it is unreasonable to say that some fans are getting a little sick of seeing this group of players (and some who are now gone) play down to the competition and are visibly flat in what should be a game that they treat as a heavyweight fight, get up for just as much as the other "important" games and completely annihilate them because in fact they are superior to the Raiders and the Titans out there - and especially after seeing teams demolish them - it is hard not to ask "Why do they make it this difficult?"

As previously mentioned, there seems to be a trend in the last few seasons where we just aren't sure if they have the capability to go on the road, and even against "inferior" opponents. Maybe it is just the way the NFL has changed and how scoring has gone up - teams can rally more easily - I dunno I don't have the answer, but I also don't have that same feeling I had at least with the 2010 team, 5 games in. They wanted it - I think this team does, but they seem to have forgotten that showing up and being the Steelers isn't enough - they have to fight for it like a #1 challenger, not a fat and happy "2x Super Bowl Champion."

They better act like their season and their respect is on the line week in and week out
I can't say that I don't agree with your feelings. (Wait... did I just double-negative that sentence correctly?) To clarify, I feel annoyed that they have lost their edge, as well.

BUT, I also do not feel that the season is over. I think that there are correctable parts, that can turn this team around (one more stop on defense; one more third down on offense).

As far as their attitude goes:
Sometimes... it takes a huge slap in the face, to get some teams to realize that the following is not true: "We are better... the other team will give us the win." These players have never really experienced "loss" (only two play-offs missed in eight seasons). Ergo, they are arrogant & cocky: not cocky in a bad way... just from being used to winning and/or from being young & naive (speaking about the offense on this one).

I rememebr Dermontti Dawson talking about it, back in 1997ish. Some of those players had been to the play-offs six years in a row... and didn't understand until they lost against JAX.

Similarly, a few years ago, it was losing to CLEV.

And, I think that this past loss (to TENN) was a similar slap across the face.

Or, maybe not.

Either way, I still contend that the season is not over.
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