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Default Re: Tony Hipchest (admin)

Originally Posted by steelfan23 View Post
this loser goes around posting shitty remarks on my threads and calls me names, then when I call him out on it he threatens me with violence and then calls me more names and I got infractions...FROM HIM. what a douche. go **** yourself Tony. Have fun on your little message board where you can be a little bully and executioner. what a little bitch you are. and in response to your private message, you sure are damn lucky we never meet.
So wait, you complain about him calling you names, but yet you run around calling people names. Such as in the quote above, and in this one from the Troy P. thread that you directed at me.

hey moron, try reading some news and this post before putting in your crap response. He was asked if he would be willing to cut his hair if it meant the Steelers won the SB and he said no. If you are cool with that than good for you.
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