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Default Re: To members of this board

There are some homers here, and that's fine. There's also a big group who have very high demands on the performance of the team. Also fine. Everyone should be able to live their fan status however it works from them. TBH, for the forum to be fun we need both. Otherwise we'd have nothing but posts saying how great XYZ of the Steelers is, followed by 35 replies of "Yep!"...or the flip side, everyone would be in a big thread sobbing together until going in on a group buy for a pallet full of box cutters.

I try to be pretty moderate, but everyone has their ups and downs after is an emotional game. Gotta shake it off when the next game is coming up, though, and hope for the best. At the very least, have to store up some anger to scream at the TV if anything goes against us Sunday. No matter what our record at the end of the season, some truths will remain...

1) Cleveland Sucks

2) Baltimore had to buy the Browns just to get a team

3) The Bengals have more felons than we have healthy Offensive Lineman
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