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Default Re: Onwards and Upwards: Bengals

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
"If Steelers corner Keenan Lewis could catch the football, this Steelers team would be flying high at 3-2, right there among the NFL's, uh, Elite Eight. OK, actually nine teams have winning records."

Is this clown Ike Taylors daddy? So forget about the 4 calls, and the TD and countless yards he gave up ALL by HIMSELF, this nimrod is blaming Lewis?

I'm sure Taylors name must be in that articale, as its late and I cant see straight.. So please someone point it out, lol
Nah, he's only pointing out that even though Dalton has been a pick-6 machine, since our DBs can't catch, it won't matter.

And his right, if Lewis catches that easy pick then Ike has at least 3 less penalties and 1 less TD given up... ;)
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