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Default Re: Ike Taylor Sucks Pt2

In case there was any doubt about where Ed.B. of the P-G was coming from when he threw statistics back in Ike Taylor's face in this morning's P-G article, Bouchette doubles down with this post

I have no idea what Ike Taylor could have been thinking when he thought the local media to stand by their team. He’s been around for 10 years, he should know how this whole business works by now. Plus, writing and saying good things about the Steelers won’t make them play better. Seems to me, the local media hasn’t changed all that much and since 2005, the Steelers have won two Super Bowls and made a third appearance despite all that lack of “support” by the local medaa.

It was a silly stance by him, but he compounded it by demanding that we use the right “stats.’’ Taylor wants us to point out that the Steelers defense ranks fifth in fewest yards allowed and fourth in fewest passing yards allowed. I’ll bet that is real comforting to Mike Tomlin. Perhaps Taylor should study more video on his own play and that of his opponents rather than spend that time reading and listening to what the local media has to say.

Storms clouds gathering as the Bengals game approaches - the relationship between Ed.B. and some of the Steelers vets is like a bickering couple that has been together too long
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