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Default Re: Green Party candidates arrested at debate

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Trotskyites have no place at the American political table.

Now to get rid of that stalinist rat bastard that occupies the White House and get the Republic back to the business at hand.
Stalinist? Really? Let's run down our Stalinism checklist, shall we:
  • rapid and forced industrialization... nope.
  • socialism in one country... No, all of these bozos are internationalists. There is no USA as far as they are concerned. So, nope.
  • a centralized state... Yes, but only for tax collection. Last I checked it was the Republicans trying to mandate state laws from above, mostly on social issues.
  • collectivization of agriculture... Yes. United States of Monsanto.
  • subordination of interests of other communist parties to those of the Soviet party... Kind of. If you replace "Soviet" with "Republican", the only party that matters to Obama or anyone else in Washington.
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