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Default Re: Why don't offensive linemen wear knee braces?

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
Also, guys coming back from injury wear them quite often. If they're so restrictive as to render the player useless, just hold him out until he doesn't need the brace anymore.
It doesn't render them simply slows them down and restricts mobility. Pouncey in a brace is still better than any other Center we have without a brace. Thing is, when he's braced up don't look for him to be performing rapid lateral moves or the like.

For anyone fuzzy on it, try putting on a brace while you're healthy, then running, or jumping...or try to play some ball. You'll find that you just don't "Feel Right". At the NFL level, that translates directly to diminished performance. College guys can get away with it all day, because the opposing team might have a star or two, but the rest of them will be waiting tables at Chili's after they graduate.
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