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Default Re: Ike Taylor Sucks Pt2

Gerry Dulac joins Bouchette in tearing into Ike Taylor - the P-G has declared open season on Taylor

Is anyone surprised by the poor play of CB Ike Taylor and how often he has been targeted by opposing quarterbacks?

Well, you shouldn’t be.

Taylor has been repeatedly targeted since his playoff performance in Denver in January, and he has not done anything to discourage quarterbacks from throwing in his direction.

Actually, if you paid close attention, a lot of the same poor coverage occurred last year, too. The saving grace for Taylor and the Steelers is that he was the benefactor of inaccurate throws on many of the occasions when he was beat.

Sure, Taylor is a physical corner who is a good tackler in run support. But his problem is that he doesn’t transition well from the receiver to the ball and back to the receiver. That’s why he so often gets lost in coverage and doesn’t even get so much as a hand on the ball.

Everyone thought Cortez Allen, their young nickel back, might work his way into the starting lineup. If he does, it won’t be for Keenan Lewis. It should be for Ike.
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