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Default Re: Ben injured in practice

Originally Posted by Third Rail View Post
OH JUST LOOK AT BEN, CAUSING ALL THAT DRAMA! Nothing ever keeps him from embellishing his imaginary injuries every five minutes! We all know that when ever Ben says he's "fine," it's actually code for "OWW OWW OWW IT HURTS SO BAD MOMMY PLEASE LET ME STAY HOME FROM SCHOOL SO THE OTHER KIDS WON'T MAKE FUN OF MY GIMPY LEG." Such a drama queen. He should play football in a dress and a tiara.
The dude played with a broken nose... and won.

The dude played the second half of the CLEV game... and won.

Q: Is he a drama queen?
A: I don't care. He wins, while hurt (or acting hurt).

Remember that time that Haloti Ngata put fake blood in his palm, and slapped BB across the nose... and then, in front of the cameras, the PITT trainers smooshed a "fake" nose back into place... and then BB whined about it... and won. That was awesome!!!
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