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Default Re: How Todd Haley and Big Ben are getting along...

Originally Posted by Rotorhead View Post
Well, except for the fact that we are avging more ppg than last year, sacks are down, we have the best 3rd down percentage in the league and its higher than last years, redzone eff is far better than last year . . . Etc etc, those are all facts and not opinions.

And yet none of those facts has anything whatsoever to do with the subject of the article which is that Ben and Haley don't get along and that there's friction between them.

Ben's numbers have nothing to do with it.

Ben's numbers are better, but the O-line is healthier than it has been in the past and perhaps Haley has even added a few wrinkles or changed a few things that have contributed to those numbers. It could even be that Ben is doing things on his own and having some success in an effort to prove that he doesn't need Haley or that he's doing these things in spite of Haley.

I have no idea whether any of that is true or not but I do believe that Ben is not happy with Haley and that's what the article dealt with.
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