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Default Re: How Todd Haley and Big Ben are getting along...

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Yes, that's my opinion.

Just as anything you have to say would be YOUR opinion.

That's all this board is -- a bunch of OPINIONS.

I am entitled to express whatever opinion I may have and you are just as entitled to agree or disagree with it as you see fit.
There are no experts here and no one here is currently playing for the Steelers nor is anyone affiliated with the Steelers other than as a fan.
So no one here "knows" any more than I or anyone else does about what may or may not REALLY be happening inside the Steelers locker room.

So whatever anyone here says,it's ALL opinion and nothing more.
Bzzzt. I cited statistical evidence that they're better. There's also the eyeball test. Do you doubt that Ben is getting hit much less and using all his receivers? Do you doubt we're scoring more than last year despite the evidence?

YOU called your opinions "facts" when you tried to rebut my argument. Not me.
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