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Default Re: Steelers-Vikings set for London in '13

Hi guys and gals.
being a Brit I am over the moon that my Steelers are coming to Wemberlee.
I've been to all the International games at Wembley so far, and even though two games will be a stretch financially I think I'll probably make both games next year too.
Some advice...... Britain is an expensive place and London is even more so. Start saving now. London hotels near Wembley increase their prices when there's an event there.
If you just want to see London I would also suggest you don't hire a car. Public transport is a lot cheaper and the tube (subway) will take you to all the places of interest.
I'm going to the Pats v Rams game next weekend so I can find out tube ticket prices, beer prices etc. And I'll post some photo's of this years event after I come back.
I'm going to start a " who's coming to London " thread where you can ask questions about London, Wembley etc. and I'll try to answer as best I can.
Here's a link to NFLUK where you can find details, and yes, ticketmaster is the place to get tickets.
A word of caution though...... you can only choose a price bracket for tickets, you can't choose particular seats.... you have to accept where they put you.
Apart from that it's well worth coming. You'll see fans of all 32 nfl teams milling around together, and some college shirts too. Hope you guys make the right decision and make the effort to visit us over here.
Keep the faith.

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