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Default Re: Troy P. sickens me

The question in general is dumb (in a fun way).. I don't think the guy expected a serious answer. I think he was expecting a funny and silly answer with a smile. But, Troy does not think that way. He takes the game serious, as was reflected in his answer. I think that proves how important Troy takes matters, including his dedication to the Steelers as a team.

Just because he did not say he would do it, that means nothing. The argument in this thread exemplifies how serious fans take the game, Especially when we argue over a question that really has no grounding in reality. The obviously puts faith in his team, and knows his hair has nothing to do with the results of any given game. We all have our identities. Who cares?

As far as I cam concerned, Troy can dye his hair pink as long as he stays as dedicated to the team as his responses on that interview indicate.
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