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Default Re: Don't believe hype with Steelers' 'D'

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Fact remains that the Steelers made the Super Bowl only in years they did not need to deal with Brady in the playoffs
True, this does bother me but it does not mean we were overrated. IMO the 2008 defense would have beat Brady in the season and playoffs, but there's no realistic way of ever knowing that. Our record against the Pats irritates the hell out of me. But Brady is one of the best QB's ever plus he's had a great O line nearly his entire career, so the fact that he beats us more often then not does not mean that we were overrated. Not to mention he gets "a little" help from the refs.

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
In their Super Bowl runs in 2008 and 2010 they only played 2 top tier QBs - Warner in 2008 and Rodgers in 2010
True again, but how many of them could they have faced? They played 3 playoff games including the SB in both 2008 and 2010, that's 6 games. Warner and Rodgers were both great QB's at the time, and Phillip Rivers was a beast in 2008, check the numbers. We did pretty well beating him also in the divisional round. And although they are not elite, Flacco and Palmer aren't exactly bottom of the barrel. Point is not that many teams have elite QB's.

I'm pretty surprised about how many are forgetting how great we were. 2008, as mentioned already, was one of, if not the best defense ever to play the game. How the f*** could they be overrated? I understand we suck right now, period, and I think the stats hid a terrible defense last year, but lets not try to undo what was done because of that. 2010 was a great defense and 2008 was as good as it gets. Sure not every year was great, and I'm not that optimistic about the next year or two, but watching that 2008 defense was a privilege and that defense being overrated should be an insult to Steeler fans.
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