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Default Re: Why don't offensive linemen wear knee braces?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
college? those boys are on scholorship, plus theyre playing cupcakes every other weekend.

in the NFL, a spit second of getting out of your stance is the difference between starting and riding the pine.

screw a knee brace, many players dont even wear a cup, and many are resistant to wearing james harrisons military grade kevlar helmet because it is 3 Oz. heavier. hell, they dont even like that the nfl is making it mandatory to wear thigh and elbow pads. same with the mouth guard.

the big leagues is about performance, not health or safety. its a mans game, and nobody wants to be perceived as a pu$$. plus, if you wear a knee brace, you might as well be painting a red bullseye on the outside of your pants.
Tony, you never wear a cup in football. Its not like somebody is throwing a ball at your stones like Burt Reynolds in the Longest Yard.

Wearing a brace may limit movement, but for the O line guys its not that big of a deal IMO. O line is about quick feet, short strides and technical movement. After a couple knee injuries myself as a kid...I played with a Stromgren knee support.
Once took a shot in the side of the leg and had to bend the thing back straight again. I was so happy that I had that piece of metal there and my knee didnt take the full brunt.

I'll admitt that I eventually took it off because I felt invincible again after the recovery. Its not a bad idea that guys on the line would wear one, because you can often be locked up with a defender when somebody rolls up the back of your legs.
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