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Default Re: Ike and Willie sound very defensive

Originally Posted by torpedoshell31 View Post
The dumbest play Ike made during the Titans game was during their last TD drive. They had a 3rd and about 12 yds to go around our 15 yard line. Hasselback dumps one out in the flat that would have been a 5 yd gain at best, except that Ike runs up and interferes with the receiver for an automatic first down. If he just simply tackles the receiver they have to kick a field goal and we would have saved 4 points.
I know! i was SCREAMING at the TV when he did that. I was seeing red so my memory might be off, but as I recall the receiver was going to the ground to make the catch so all Ike had to do was touch him, I recall thinking that I, a 44 yo "never-was" could have made that tackle.

But, there is no reason for any of his teammates to call him out in public or the media, I don't want my team doing that crap, I live in Cincy and remember Carl Perkin's and Corey Dillon doing that weak-a$$ crap...

I would, however, hope he is getting his a$$ handed to him in the film room. No escaping the film....
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