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Default Re: Why don't offensive linemen wear knee braces?

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Tony, you never wear a cup in football. Its not like somebody is throwing a ball at your stones like Burt Reynolds in the Longest Yard.

Wearing a brace may limit movement, but for the O line guys its not that big of a deal IMO. O line is about quick feet, short strides and technical movement. After a couple knee injuries myself as a kid...I played with a Stromgren knee support.
Once took a shot in the side of the leg and had to bend the thing back straight again. I was so happy that I had that piece of metal there and my knee didnt take the full brunt.

I'll admitt that I eventually took it off because I felt invincible again after the recovery. Its not a bad idea that guys on the line would wear one, because you can often be locked up with a defender when somebody rolls up the back of your legs.
We could have a starting line with Pouncey, DD, and Gilbert today if they wore them. As it is, we may well have Legursky, Foster, and Adams.

There's a nasty trickle down effect with OL injuries, too. Ben is going to start getting hit a lot more.
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