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Default Re: Steelers’ inconsistency linked to draft duds

You could go through all the other teams and put a similar list of under achievers together. Especially when you are talking about 3rd and 4th round guys (usually late in the round picks for the Steelers as well).

Again the Steelers have mostly picked in the 20's of each round for the last decade or so, but how many teams have nailed the first round as well as the Steelers.

03- Troy
06-Holmes (love him or hate him, he was money when he was here)

Hood and Heyward still need to prove their worth, but they're young. Troy and Ben are possible HOF's. Pouncey, Heath, Holmes, Timmons, and Mendy are all solid reliable starters and are above average in the league at their positions. DeCastro, I think we all agree will be a great player for years to come.

I'd put our first round up against any in the league the last decade and most of that decade we've picked towards the end of the draft.
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