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Default Game 6 gameball- Bungles post game discussion thread...

please try to keep all random thoughts about the game contained in asingle thread dedicated to random thoughts about the game.

i think the gameball is easy in this one with j. dwyer earning his first. suisham was nailing his kicks. glad to see him rebound from what mustve been a disappointing week.

absolutely hated tomlins decision to go for 2 that early in the game, but the ends justified the means. he doesnt coach scared despite what anyone says. he plays with balls of steel.

i am convinced the ike taylor household doesnt have a fly swatter. he has probably killed zero flies in his life. if i were tom shaw in florida, i would have him spend the entire off season swatting flies.

special team returns are an absolute disaster. i am almost convinced we should start fair catching everything to avoid constant loss of yards due to penalties.
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