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Default Re: How Many Ike-PIs Colon-Holds

I don't think anyone saw Ike holding AJ to one reception for 8 yards, albeit a touchdown. Quite simply, he blanketed him all night. People are going to point to the fact that he had help from Mundy and Clark, but he did an impressive job and looked like the Ike Taylor from a couple years back. This second half defense played shut down football, and I think it starts and ended with the fact that AJ wasn't given an inch all night and Dalton was forced to look elsewhere and make poor decisions/throws.

Colon looked like a stud. He was pushed around by Atkins a couple of times, but I can't think of a guard that hasn't been. He was stellar in run blocking and impressed in pass protection. For a line missing arguably the best Center in the game, along with the starting RT, they played very well. Props need to go to Adams and Legursky, too. It looks like Adams is improving every snap he takes, and Legursky filled in admirably for Pouncey. When this line gets DeCastro back and Adams can finally take over LT (maybe RT? who knows at this point) this line will be a point of strength, which is something new for this team.

All in all, a second half effort that looked like the Steelers of a few years ago. If we're able to grab an OLB in the draft, along with a young safety, this defense will be studs once again. But, possible draft targets is for a different topic.
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