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Default Re: Tale of 2 halves

Yeah, healed might be a little too strong of a word.

I will say this - the Pittsburgh they definitely showed some heart and determination when they did what seemed impossible and tied things up by the end of the half. And while their second half was much better than the first, was still something a mixed bag.

The patience with the run finally paid off - in spite of playing without Redman and Mendy, they walked away with well over 100 yards of rushing. And although hampered by an red zone interception (and an intercepted fumble), the passing game was fairly good - Ben might have been even better had he passed the ball more often to players like Brown. Wallace was a disgrace - he was the intended receiver far more often than deserved and left far too many plays on the field.

I was definitely relieved to see that the D was still capable of playing in a 4th quarter. Sadly, with only a few scattered exceptions, the special teams kickoff and return teams were a total mess, with costly flags at nearly every turn. Suisham was once again the a bright spot - he appears to be getting more and more confident and accurate with each and every game. I just hope that we won't need to rely on him as much - still, it's nice to know that he's there if we need a very good chance of putting up 3.
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