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Default Re: How Todd Haley and Big Ben are getting along...

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Why would Bruce Arians need an "apologist"?

Why would coaching an offense to 5 winning seasons and 2 Super Bowl appearances require an apology?

Did you actually see the moment during last night's game I am referring to?
I think that anyone who saw that exchange would be thinking the same thing I was thinking.
So Arians coached this team to two Super Bowls? In 2008, the offense was ranked 20th, the defense 1st. In 2010, the offense was ranked 12th, the defense 1st. Arians had a top ten offense once, when it ranked 9th in 2007. Other than that 12, 12, 11, 20, 21.

Yeah, he coached them to two Super Bowls the way the fly on the windshield carried the driver across the finish line.

He may not need an apologist, but it sure looks like he has one in you.
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