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Default gettin' tired of ESPN's "first take"

i used to like this show. I like listening to Stephen A Smith and Bayless debating, etc, etc, etc. I actually like the show better than SportsCenter or the late afternoon ESPN football show.
But the show is starting to be the SAME thing every single day.

-the Giants & Eli
-Tim Tebow
-Peyton Manning
-the Patriots
-Tim Tebow
-RGIII, Cam Newton
-how much Tony Romo sucks
-more Tebow
-sometimes the Saints

Then...they still have 1 or 2 hours left in the show - should be PLENTY of time to talk about other teams, other games, right???

It's time to cover the exact same things listed above..........again. A 2nd time. This time bring in Eric Mangini to discuss the exact same things they talked about in the first half of the show.
This is every day.

Want to hear them talk about the Steelers? Forget it.
What did they think of the pretty exciting Steelers/bengals game? Forget it.
Plus...there's a plethora of other action that happened not even talked about at all. Just getting disgusted with this. How much can you actually talk about RGIII in one week???.....meanwhile Andrew Luck is quietly becoming the better QB.

Wouldn't be so bad if the same subjects weren't talked about TWICE in the same day....multiple times, if not every day, during the week....while other important things are banished to never-never land.
Its so bad, i've actually had to switch over to SportsCenter....who at least go through every team/game.
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