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Default 2013 Draft priorities

the steelers philosophy has always been to take away the run and make the opponent one dimensional. they also made do with mediocre talent at corner back by forcing qb's into quick throws with the pass rush. its served them well and kept them competitive over the years. their record and superbowl appearances proves so.
there's been an obvious drop off in their ability to stop the run and the pass rush . obviously you can't fix multiple positions with just one draft so you have to prioritize and try to address your most glaring needs first. the steelers have always had quality depth to fall back on , but i don't see that quality anymore. they've become complacent in finding "the next guy", and adding him to the roster.
keeping guys like mundy and foote around makes no sense to me because they've already hit their ceiling and it wasn't very high. they've traded away a chance to discover the next "diamond in the rough", for temporary security . guys that can step in and be serviceable but will never starter grade players.
3 years....3 years should be a sufficient amount of time to evaluate if a player has progressed to the point of being considered starter material and ready to take over if called upon without a huge drop off in performance. ryan mundy is a HUGE drop off in performance. they literally have to change the entire defense to try to accommodate and hide the drop !!! so why have they not tried to find someone with more talent ? don't get me wrong, you don't just find another troy , he's a one of a kind , but to be satisfied with a player that most likely couldn't land a starter gig any where else in the NFL is just foolish
. i'll end my rant here and give my two cents on the subject.

fat snack is obviously done after this season, tauma is heading to jail, mcclendon hasn't proven crap. i think a NT should be a high priority.

harrison is nearing the end. worilds or carter isn't the answer. OLB is a high priority.

troy isn't a game changer anymore and can't stay healthy. mundy sucks and is also getting old. SS should be a high priority.

clark is getting old. no quality back ups. FS is a medium priority.

keisel is nearing the end. hood hasn't exactly impressed. heyward is still a question mark. DE should be a medium priority.
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