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Default Re: I was watching Ziggy Hood Last night...

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
The 2010 Steelers had the best run defense in years, giving up over 100 yards on the ground twice all year. This is without Aaron Smith playing most of the season. Hood came in for him when he got injured and played pretty well. 6 sacks in 12 starts including the postseason.

But in 2011, "Mental Midget" Hood was benched again and an aging "Run-stuffing dominator" Aaron Smith was handed the keys again. What did we get? 170 and 180 yards given up on the Ground in Baltmore and Houston. The Run Defense dropped off a cliff.

Where is the "run-stuffing dominance" that you said Hood was incapable of and that only Smith, Hampton, and Keisel could do? You're right, Ziggy Hood can play in his scheme, but his ability has been neutered thanks to our questionable defensive coaching. Ziggy Hood was PUNISHED for his production.
I think you are putting too much stock into this scheme thing. I haven't been overly happy with LeBeau myself; but let's be real here. Ziggy is no beast and thats not lebeaus fault. He's had plenty of time to learn and pick up the schemes. Has it ever crossed your mind that the guy is not that good. He got destroyed on the first drive yesterday. Did you not notice cincy running right at him the whole drive. He's getting his chance to prove his worth; and as of now; he's not looking like a first rounder. And that has nothing to do with scheme.
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