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Default Re: Offensive line looked good

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Here is why I think that they are playing well:

Starks can usually take on his guy. The Colon can eeesily take on his guy. Pouncey (or Legursky) can take on their guy. Leaving Foster to help out Adams.

It leaves no DL unaccounted for.

Whereas, Pouncey used to have to cover for Kemo and/or for Foster (who has improved).

NOTE: Did anyone notice that a lot of times, Heath would help Adams by lining up in the backfield, taking away the inside move of the DE. (And, at other times, Foster would help). In other words, it seems like Adams does well against the outside rush, but is having trouble with the inside moves.
I agree with some of your assessment, but Pouncey has never "covered" for Colon or Foster. In pass protection, Pouncey has made poor reads in the past, and Kemo was terrible at recognizing line stunts.

In run blocking the Steelers have been fine, but either had no committment to the run in the Arians era, or not had a RB that will effectively pick the correct hole until Mendenhall came back.

Guys hack on Foster, but he is a mauler in the run game and an average pass protector. Adams still looks like he lacks a strong pass set and punch in pass protection. Starks is looking like a dependable guy one week and a guy that gets caught lunging with poor technique the following week. Colon still got his hands outside the defenders frame a couple times on Sunday but didnt get caught.

The O line has all the makings of a solid unit, but its been Haleys quick strike offense and insistance on at least having a run game that has kept Ben off the injury list this far into the season.
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