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Default Re: Bears defense

Praising the Bears opens up the argument about making a team through trades and free agency versus the draft. The Steelers are the poster child for a home grown team developed by the draft. They generally abhor paying money to high priced free agents and trading top draft picks for established players. The Bears on the other hand are the poster child for a team made by free agency and the draft. Four years ago they were pathetic. They added Cutler and moved up a notch. They added Julius peppers several years back and moved up another notch. Finally with the addition of Brandon Marshall this year via trade things seem to be clicking on all cylinders.
You may argue that most of the defense on the bears were drafted and that is true but you can't imagine what a humongous difference adding Julius Peppers has made. I know because I live here in Chicago and that team is night and day with peppers
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