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Default Re: I was watching Ziggy Hood Last night...

A. It is a known fact that the Steelers don't instill any type of fear like they have in the past

B. The division is not a sure thing like it used to be when the likes of Smith, Hampton, Keisel, Farrior, Porter, Troy, Ike, etc were all in their prime. We were flat out spoiled from 04-08, and then 10 was their last stand as a collective unit. We don't have a defense stacked with pro bowlers and all-pros anymore. We have a middle of the road unit with some aging stars and inexperienced players. Ryan Clark and Larry Foote are the shiny spots on a 3-3 team - what does that tell you? They absolutely have room to improve and get better - I've learned the expectations are too high for this year's version. It is what it is

C. Because of those deficiencies and the Ravens, Bengals and yes Browns have gained a little to a lot of talent, we're not going to win on talent and reputation alone anymore. If this team wants it, they better want it bad and show up 5000% every game. This is a group in transition and if the new group wants to be feared, they better start making a name by showing it on the field.

I'm not a believer that Tomlin has won with holdovers from the Cowher years. Just remember, we went through some pretty bad stuff from 1998 - 2000, and then again in 2003 (all under Cowher).

Overall, we won and saved the sinking ship for at least this week, but I'm gonna reserve judgement until after the next 4 games
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