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Default Re: The HERD predicts 6-2/7-1 in next 8 games

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Actually, I don't want to see us run the table.
I'd like to see a loss somewhere near playoff time because that breaks whatever streak we may be on. I don't like "streaks" when entering the playoffs because to win the SB, whatever streak you're on has to continue all the way through and that's not easy.

The only exception to that would be a division title as the "Bye-week" basically takes the place of a loss so it interrupts the streak.

I agree with the "baby steps", but there's nothing wrong with long range planning assuming that the baby steps become a walk and then a run.
I'd like to see whatever it takes to get a home game and a bye. We could have used one last year to get Ben healthier.

I don't think this team is built to win three roadies in the playoffs, but maybe if fully healthy, they could muster an upset at Houston in the AFCC Game after a first round home win vs., say, the Pats or Chargers.
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