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Default Re: The HERD predicts 6-2/7-1 in next 8 games

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
My guess on the next 8 games is 5-3

W - Washington
L - @Giants
W - Chiefs
W - Baltimore
W - @ Cleveland
L - @ Baltimore
W - San Diego
L - @ Dallas

That will be 8-6 with 2 remaining home games with the Browns and Bengals for a 10-6 record

Need the Ravens to then go 5-4 and win tiebreakers - in addition to playing the Steelers the Ravens play:

San Diego
New York

If the Steelers do not beat Baltimore twice I still do not see the Steelers winning the division
The way I see it unfolding if the defense that showed up and the running game that showed up in the 2nd half continues

W - Washington
L - @Giants
W - Chiefs
W - Baltimore
W - @ Cleveland
L - @ Baltimore
W - San Diego
W - @ Dallas
W - Bengals
W - Browns

The earlier losses to Oakland and Tennessee have bigger implications than you think. If we would have come away with one of those "shoulda wons" we might have pulled out the division. I say 11-5 is still very doable. If "we" (I know) pulled one out of Giants - then all bets are off - in that scenario, the Ravens and the division are up for grabs. If we don't win that one, we have to hope the Ravens stumble in a couple more they should have won. All speculation, but this version of the Steelers need to win every game and hope the Ravens stumble for us to catch a much needed home game and bye.

Also - I'm not really afraid of Romo to Bryant, if there is a team that is even less mentally tough than us right now (and will probably be trending downward while we might be on the upswing, it is the Cowboys. )
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