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Default Re: Offensive line looked good

very true, the quick(er) decision making and limiting negative plays as Tomlin puts it, has a great chance of paying off later in the season.

If Ben continues to stay upright for the most part against good pass-rushing teams, just think what a more healthier Ben can do down the stretch

I will say this - I think the jury is still out on this team, and I'm not going to get overly-excited because of 1 win on the road, I EXPECT a good Steelers team to win. They can build on this.

I will also say this - I was saying to my wife after we were watching N.F.L. A.M. this morning - can you imagine if we get Troy and Decastro back, if the running back stable gets healthier, Ben continues to go fairly unscathed, and they can consistently play like they did in the 2nd half? I kiss her goodbye one minute later, walk into my car, turn the key, and RENEGADE was on the radio. Just sayin . . .A sign perhaps?

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