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Default Re: Nice win, but who has nightmares about versing RG3 next weekend? is working both sides of the Skins-Steelers story - Redskins pass defnse is awful but then there is this

Troy Polamaluís absence could set the stage for a big RGIII performance

The Redskins rely on a lot of misdirection ó constant motion and the frequent use of Griffin in zone-read situations help Washington create spaces in the defense. Griffinís dual-threat ability has to stay at the front of the opposing defendersí minds.

One way to neutralize such an attack is by having a player capable of spying the quarterback and handling him one-on-one. Polamalu, with his versatile set of skills, is someone who might have been up to the task.

So, Mike Tomlinís announcement Monday that Polamalu will not play in Week 8 (and itís a horrible sign for Polamaluís health that heís being ruled out already) leaves the Steelers without that matchup option....

No matter what Pittsburgh tries Sunday, a Polamalu-less game gives an edge to Griffin and the Redskinsí offense.
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